I Ordered My Future Yesterday

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I Ordered My Future Yesterday

Julie Cox is no ordinary woman. Born in the Philippines, she’s carved out an amazingly fruitful life after overcoming a plethora of obstacles which would have broken a lesser person. In her new book, I Ordered my Future Yesterday, Julie recounts the trials and tribulations she’s faced, from being raped twice and left for dead, living in extreme poverty, experiencing the death of various loved ones, and giving up for adoption the baby she had after being raped a second time. Julie recounts the ups and downs of her life from living for two years scavenging as a semi-orphan amid a garbage dump at the U.S. Naval Base at Subic Bay to moving from the Philippines to the United States. Upon arriving in the U.S., she began a series of odd jobs which eventually led her to a successful sales career at a Fortune 500 company. During this time, she was also busy building her dream resort and academic training center in the Philippine islands one step at a time. And now, through sheer hard work and crafty planning, she’s halfway toward her goal of becoming a millionaire. Even if you’re broken, negative, bitter, depressed, outmanned, and outgunned, nothing can stop you from finding your destiny!”

Author Julie Cox Guest Speaker MSEIFI

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This video took last April 1, 2014 when Author Julie Cox spoke to the graduating high school and college students of Manuel S.Enverga Institute Foundation Incorporated, San Antonio Quezon. Class 2013-2014 with a theme “Hindi Natitinag ang Pusong Pilipino”


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“Believe in God. Everything happens for a reason. What sometimes breaks us makes us stronger, and in the end your strength will be unbreakable under any circumstances.”
(First Key of the Fifteen Keys to Life)
(by: Zen Trinidad-The Kliping Times)
If you think that your life is on the brink of breaking, stop for a while. If you feel that you nowhere to run to, take a deep breath for a moment. If what you are doing right now leads to nowhere, find a place to rest. I will tell you a short story.
There was once a child of a carpenter in a barrio of San Antonio, Quezon who use to go to school without slippers and just managed to get an elementary education. Because of dire poverty, she was forced to work in Manila and to help the burden in raising…

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All My Plans…

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All My Plans….

Julie Cox: No longer a maid in Manhattan

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Julie Cox: No longer a maid in Manhattan.

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